'Mental Cases' nominated for Prix Europe

Posted on: 25/11/2020

Yesterday, Prix Europa announced its nominations for the festival that will take place at the end of October. 'Mental Cases', was nominated in the 'Best TV Documentary' category.

In the four-part series 'Mental Cases', ten internees take up the challenge to create a work of art together with a renowned artist. They all have mental problems and they are as diverse as the crimes they have committed and for which they have been interned. Some have ended up in a psychiatric center, others have ended up behind bars. But with no release date in the offing. No release is possible without going through a therapy process. No second chance without insight.

Throughout the series, ten artists carefully try to fathom their project partner. Gradually the internees give them a glimpse into their lives, into their head, into their soul. And little by little you as a viewer start to understand better what that actually means, being “insane”.

The Prix Europa festival will take place from 18 to 25 October in Potsdam, Germany.