'Emergency call' gets an American remake

Posted on: 25/11/2020

The international success of our format Emergency Call, which has grown into a classic on Flemish television, continues.

The format that follows call takers of the emergency centers has already been sold to various foreign broadcasters in recent years and will soon also be seen in the US. On US channel ABC, one of the largest players in the US, Emergency Call will run in prime time for 10 weeks starting September 28.

Mikhael Cops (creator of the format, program director at De chinezen): “This is great news for us. We had known for some time that there was interest from the US, but that ABC would make our format, we could only dream of that. After all, it doesn't happen every day that a Flemish program is picked up by an American major. ”

The American viewer will be able to track calls at emergency centers in remote Alaska, metropolis Texas, rural Wisconsin, mountainous Utah and bustling New Orleans. Unlike the original format, the Americans opted for a presenter in the picture: actor Luke Wilson - best known to us for films such as Legally Blonde and The Royal Tenenbaums - will take over the presentation.

Mikhael Cops: “We already received a first pilot last year, shot in Austin, Texas. I found that already quite impressive. You notice that they work with different budgets there (laughs). And not unimportantly: very well made. So we have every confidence that it will be a great series. ”

Emergency Call was previously sold to eight countries: France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Australia. The series was also broadcast in Wallonia as Appel d'urgence: four seasons have already been broadcast on RTL-TVI, produced by De chinezen, who devised and made the original format.

Olivier Goris (net manager of VRT): “Emergency Call is a very strong TV program. It is compelling and relaxing television because of the right balance between large moving events and funny little stories. Thanks to the talented team of De Chinezen, the first three seasons have become a great success. It is therefore great to see that this impressive TV format is recognized abroad. I'm already looking forward to the American version on ABC. ”

'De Noodcentrale' has been broadcast on VRT/één for several years, received many positive reactions in Flanders and attracted an average of one million viewers every season.